Thursday, March 5, 2015


The Alpine Fellowship 2015 in association with the Foundation Cini in Venice have organized this  symposium lead by the great painter Alan Lawson and brillant philosopher Jacob Burda.This is my second year at the fellowship , last year I was invited in Scotland and this year it is happening in Venice on the Isola San Giorgio Maggiore . I am delighted to have been invited to share my ideas about sculpture at the Foundation Cini.The two founders of the Prize asked me to make a movie about my sculpture.There will be three movies screened this year by artists Alan Lawson , Odd Nerdrum and my-self . The guests of the 2015 fellowship are Roger Scruton Professor of Aesthetics at Oxford University , Ian Mac Ewan Writer author of the book and Oscar winning movie Atonement , Philip Rylands Director of the Guggenheim Museum , Ruth Padle England's great poetess and Professor of poetry at Oxford University , John Burnside poet winner of the T.S. Eliot Prize , Film Writer Michael Lesslie , Harry Eyres a great poet and  journalist at Newsweek and Victor Chan who wrote two books with the Dalai-Lama.