Tuesday, August 29, 2017


So hysterically happy to see my art in a new publication graced with incredible texts by Sir Roger Scruton who wrote a sublime manuscript called The Point of Intersection of the Timeless with Time and other texts by Julian Spalding who is I believe the John Ruskin of our times and many other illuminated minds that I had the immense privilege to share the Fellowship with in the monastery of the Fondation Cini. Jacob Burda and Alan Lawson have created what is the highest cultural circle in Europe today where High Art and High Philosophy meet to create the future of Art. Like the president of the Foundation Cini Pasquale Gagliardi told me eloquently two days ago quoting Gustav Mahler, what we care about is ''the Fire of Tradition''. To follow the thought of Gustav Mahler, we are Adoring the fire and not the ashes. The Alpine Fellowship makes it every year more and more clear to the world that the Golden Age of culture is not lost. We will regain the right for art to be deep and sublime.