Wednesday, July 25, 2018

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Reading a text in Venice that the great american Theologian Tracy Sayuki Tiemeier PHD and Professor of Theology at Loyola Marymount University in Los-Angeles wrote about my Triptych The Religion of Atheism. I had for many years an infinite admiration for her work and her revolutionary research in theology. Of course we recognize art criticism as a genre, of course we recognize also philosophy of art as genre since Schelling established it in 1804 but what about theology of art ? Lets try to define this new genre, theology of art: how the belief in the supernormal world influences an aesthetic. This definition is acceptable but a little too classic lets try a more contemporary definition, theology of art: how the death of God influences an aesthetic. That is a little closer. Now lets try a third and final definition of Theology of art: how atheism as a religious experience influences an aesthetic. That is exactly what I show in this Triptych beautifully explained and written by this contemporary theologian. The artist is seen as a new Faust who solves the too old and too insignificant duality between nihilism and religion by reconciling them in the religion of atheism.