Sunday, July 22, 2018


Thursday 21 of June 2018 at 8:30pm all the Fellowship was reunited in the cloister of the Cypresses of the Foundation Cini in Venice for Diner. This evening was the most beautiful evening of my life. I never thought that there was such a thing as ''the most beautiful moment of your life'' I thought that every moment is always mixed with joy and sadness. But not this evening. Under the cloister designed by Palladio I was honored this evening as a speaker by the Founders of the Fellowship in front of all the people that I admire the most in my life. As the founder was making a moving speech about our long friendship and what I have achieved in the art of sculpture as I was standing up, more that 50 writers, philosophers and art critics were in the cloister this evening. Among the people I admire the most at the Fellowship is Jacob Burda the founder of the Prize, since I saw him enter the door of Aldourie castle in Scotland 5 years ago when I won the Prize in 2014 I immediately identified him as a reincarnation of Lord Byron, Alan Lawson also the Founder of the Prize who is my favorite painter in this world, there are two kinds of artists, the one who tries to get close to his dream and the one whose canvas is equal to his dream to the point that you cannot make a difference between the dream and the work Alan is this artist, the splendid lecturer and art critic from the BBC Andrew Graham-Dixon who is an extraordinary mix of Erwin Panofski and the Monty Python in his lecture you always learn the deepest things about art and laugh at his impeccable Victorian humour, the art critic Julian Spalding who won the Banister Fletcher Prize for his wonderful book The Art of Wonder, a conversation about my Triptych with Julian is one of the most beautiful memory I have during these three days, John Burnside the winner of the T.S Eliot Prize whose elegance as a human being is equal to the excellence of his art, then a wonder appeared this evening Nell Leyshon, the first woman in history to be accepted as a writer at the Globe Shakespeare theater in London, her improvised lecture was a masterpiece, Chris Prendergast who edited for 7 years the 1,25 millions words of A la Recherche Du Temps Perdu for Penguin Publishing House who revealed him-self to be a tremendous sculptor during my lecture,the warm and beautiful conversationalist Mo Ogrodnik who won the writing Prize this year, Jenifer Wakelin who did a sumptuous lecture on epistemophilia and of course Sir Roger Scruton the great philosopher of Beauty who has been the archangel of this fellowship since the very beginning. To be honored as a speaker this evening was the most important evening of my life. This evening my heart touched the sky. May be that is what the cloisters were invented for.