Tuesday, May 17, 2016


This is a movie directed by the great cinematographer Dirk Van Den Eynden. Dirk contacted me about 3 years ago saying he wanted to do a movie on me.Dirk has more than 300 movies made in his life on artists . He started in the Seventies and ended up representing his country at the biennale of Venice. His approach of filming an artist is very different from what we usually know about an art film . He revolutionized the biography of the artist . And this is how, he does not interview and he does not film . Ok that might sounds strange to you but he asks the artist to give him hundreds of images, films and texts that are important in the artist life. And from there he starts composing with these images a great biographical symphony. The traditional documentary will ask question to the artist and the artist will answer on a chair sitting in front of his work. Dirk explodes this traditional code and the reason is that we rarely say the truth about ourselves even when we are sincere memory and imagination tend to fuse and give a false idea of our life to us and to the spectator . By making a detour from a direct interview the director arrives directly at the center of the brain of the artist and gives a TRUE picture of the self, not the one that we want to give but the one ( very different ) that IS. Dirk Van Den Eynden realizes through his films the dream of Art which is to merge reality and truth. It has been an honor to be the subject of one of his film and more than this it has been a pleasure to become his friend through the making of that film.To define his work I would happily coin the term of metaphysical biography!